What they give back to you, it far outweighs the effort

“Kona and Rosie are both puppies. Kona was supposed to be primarily Flynn’s, and Rosie mine. Some days, there is a flip-flop of bonding and which interconnects and bonds us all together as a family. Rosie is the younger puppy and she is a link to my last dog Sophia, who I was deeply connected...

Life without the companionship of our fur-children is unimaginable

“Life without the companionship of our fur-children is unimaginable. We have experienced the incredible love of having them in our lives. We have also felt the incredible loss when they go.  Even with that inevitable sadness, we can’t imagine our life without our fur-children. Chance, being our old boy at twelve, is the focus of...

Stolli made us parents in the beginning

“After I gave birth to Lucia I had to stay in the hospital for four months. Lance was home by himself with a new baby and Stolli. Stolli gave him a calmness, stability, and normalcy during that time. Even now, as he pets her I see a clam come over him. Stolli really pulls our...

My love of dogs is something the kids can share

“When I’m in the woods training or hunting, the dogs are like an extension of me. There is an unspoken communication between us. Murphy is all business. He’s the main hunter and wants to work. There is a common misconception you can’t get a good hunter from a rescue; Murphy is proof that isn’t the...

The more time we spend together the more human he becomes

“Sam is expressive. He has this range of faces and communication; you can tell there is so much going on in his mind. He has playful faces during his “evening crazies.” Which is him running in circles in the back yard. He has a sweet expression in the morning when he crawls in bed an...


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