Alliance Program

Celebrating the love that dogs bring into our lives & workplaces.

It is often difficult to show the personality of a business, it's leaders and team members. But it's this step that will help develop relationships with your clients that allow them to trust you as a collection of people. . . .and not just a business.


That's why FUREVER USA has created a system to elevate the vibe of any public area while showcasing the love an organization has for it's furry family members. All while creating a passive and interactive marketing environment for you and your business.

Below are the steps of the FUREVER USA Alliance Program


for additional information, please contact us directly.

1. consultation & planning

We start with a visit to your office and/or community areas. At this time we will discuss your goals, your team and look at possible display locations.


With that information we will develop a plan.


Sometimes that plan is as minor as a single statement piece, or as large as a multi-piece design concept.


Our mission is to showcase the people behind your business so that clients naturally feel more connected to you.

~ Gina Knepp / Former Director of Front Street Animal Shelter "Our lobby remodel was like getting a brand-new house! The makeover was magical and really made a big difference to customer perception, but also really lifted staff and volunteer morale. It is amazing what art, talent and passion can do to completely transform what was once a dingy dark lobby into a place of light and beauty."

2. Photography Sessions

Each team member that you wish to celebrate will be treated to a complete FUREVER USA Photography Experience.


Upon completion of those photography experiences, we invite you back to our studio to reveal the custom photography displays we have designed for you and your business.


During that reveal, you will receive a 50% discount off of any products you select to use in public areas.


You will also have the opportunity to sit with one of our design consultants and make any adjustments before your displays go into production.

A quote from Stephanie Ehlen of Sierra Veterinary Specialists


"Looking through it, I noticed how loved it looked, I imagined the many families that have had their hearts warmed and comforted by the stories and photos on the pages, looking for a distraction from the worry for their own furever babies. The countless times we've heard kids say "look this is just like our dog (name)" as they turn the pages enjoying the pictures of the happy faces of families just like theirs. The stories and pictures within it are touching families with comfort, a needed smile and a beautiful distraction. You are changing the lives of pets needing FUREVER homes in our community and beyond."

3. Installation & interaction

Each piece is delivered to your business ready to hang and display.


But that's really only the beginning!


Installed next to each piece we will have designed plaques encouraging your visitors to scan and automatically visit a complementary FUREVER blog feature that we will have created for you and your business.


These write ups are written by you, about your business and can be unique to each piece we design for you, or a single write up that that all pieces link to.


You also have the opportunity to upgrade this written blog to a full blown video documentary like the ones shown below.


Either way, we will be guiding you through it and formatting it to make sure that it's not only something that you are proud of, but something that your clients are proud to support.

Below is a collection documentaries we created and donated to shelters across the USA