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In this advice-filled episode Sylvia and Jasen sit down with Celebrity Dog Trainer, Nicole Ellis, author of Working Like a Dog and set trainer for Amazon Prime’s “The Pack.” Nicole shares stories of the behind the scenes life of a working dog in Hollywood and offers up a bunch of real world, take home tips for you and your pup.

Show Markers

00:20 - Intro and Nicole’s Bio

2:37 - Tips for training your new dog

3:45 - What to do when pet parents are on different pages

5:40 - Jasen asks about how to help his dog’s overexcitement at the door

7:00 - Nicole Recommends an ottomen by the door

10:00 - Working dogs in Nicole’s life

11:45 - How Nicole got started in the working dog world

13:50 - ENS and reputable breeders

15:35 - What should you think about when you get a dog?

21:15 - Jasen’s Information Paralyzation and Nicole’s recommendations

26:00 - How Shelter’s help find the perfect fit

27:20 - Dogs adjustment periods

28:14 - Having a trainer in your plans after adoption

29:10 - How Nicole builds bonds through training

31:10 - On Filming ‘The Pack’ on Amazon

32:18 - How to tell if you’re working with a qualified trainer or finding good tips online

35:43 - Training through love and positivity

36:40 - Common indicators of stress in dogs

38:54 - Where to find a trainer

40:25 - You and your dog’s trainer are a team

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