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Sylvia and Jasen sit down with Gina Knepp of the Michelson Found Animals Foundation to talk about how to prevent the scariest thing that can happen to a pet parent - losing your dog.

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3:41 - Your pet shouldn’t go out naked!

4:15 - Gina’s mission to make pet id just like putting on your seatbelt

5:00 - stats on lost animals and redemption in the US

6:11 - cost of animal to come into a shelter

7:00 - microchip or collar tag?

8:10 - when should a dog have an id on?

9:48 - why aren't people chipping and tagging?

11:58 - looking at it from a societal shift to make it more common and save money

12:50 - if your animal is let out of your yard do you know where to look?

14:08 - Sylvia asks Gina for tips on what to do if your pet is missing

16:05 - What to do if you find a lost dog

18:29 - local vets as an additional resource for lost dogs

19:57 - the best microchip registry?

21:00 - Gina asks Jasen, “Do you know what your dogs’ microchip numbers are?” and why it's important

24:28 - Doggie Stray-light Savings Time

26:45 - What to do if you’ve lost your dog

27:50 - Your neighbourhood secret weapons for finding your dog

28:35 - How far does your dog travel on average when gone?

31:18 - Discussing how the community getting involved in animal welfare has shifted

33:30 - Discussing how animals went the yard, to the couch, to the bed

35:02 - Gina slept in a kennel for a fundraiser and saw how powerful Finding Rover was

36:15 - Gina urges you, Don’t Delay!

36:43 - Tag options

37:37 - Understanding the difference between Shelters, Rescues, and Sanctuary in your area

39:00 - Advocating in your community

40:10 - New trend - Arming fire stations with chip scanners

40:58 - Jasen’s Dog Dad Joke

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