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There is no doubt that Covid has changed life as we know it. In today’s episode, Jasen and Sylvia sit down with Xiema and Liana, of Human Animal Support Services, to find out how pets and their families might be affected, and how the goal of keeping pets and humans together during the pandemic has started a shift in how Rescue work works.

Show Markers

3:29 - Goal of HASS

5:23 - Reimagining how shelters work

6:50 - Who HASS works with

8:35 - It started with Austin Pets Alive…

9:50 - Get to know the name Maddie’s Fund

11:30 - Back to Austin Pets Alive and how HASS started

13:00 - Is a homeless pet crisis still anticipated?

15:50 - Housing crisis for pet parents is already in evidence

16:44 - Sylvia’s big fear for Covid-adoptions & Liana’s response

18:35 - The costs of keeping pets at home vs in a shelter?

20:50 - How to balance the quality of life for the pet with the solutions that HASS offers

24:08 - New language in Rescue

25:24 - The Human/Animal connection is key

25:55 - Suggestions from Liana and Xiema if you find yourself in need of resources before you enter crisis

28:40 - How to address the issue of pet friendly housing?

31:48 - Legal Rights for people with Emotional Support Animals, Service Dogs, & Renters
35:26 - Breaking down HASS tiers

36:45 - How you can get involved

39:35 - Coordinating within Animal Rescue Communities

42:48 - Reimaging working together across the industry

45:20 - #dogdadjoke

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