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This episode takes a journey around the globe with Lori Kalef, Program Director of SPCAI, and gives us a picture of what Animal Rescue looks like in other parts of the world. Join us as she shares stories from on the ground in places like Baghdad and Chernobyl.

As the program director for all SPCA International programs, Lori leads rescue efforts around the world and builds partnerships with innovative shelters and rescue groups. By holding hands with strangers across the world, Lori has witnessed thousands of animal lives saved. Lori lives in Victoria, BC, Canada with 3 rescue dogs, Bosco, Duckie and Tavi.

Show Markers

2:36 - Opening up a whole new world for Jasen

3:57 - Difference between SPCA and SPCAI

6:15 - Shelter Support Programs

7:15 - Building Partnerships around the world

8:30 - Lori shares some stories about missions (like Operation Baghdad Pups)

12:20 - Chernobyl Mission

20:51 - What kind of dogs and cats are at Chernobyl?

24:08 - The biggest threat to dogs at Chernobyl

25:07 - Who feeds the dogs?

25:51 - How did Lori become SPCAI Program Director?

27:00 - Lori’s earliest memories are pet centric

30:50 - A Trip to Florida, a story, and volunteering

32:36 - Veterinary Supply Aid Program

33:40 - Operation Military Pets & Operation Baghdad Pups

35:41 - How COVID affected the Missions

36:45 - Where’s the media coverage?

39:18 - Changing the stigma of Rescues

41:40 - #dogdadjoke

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