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Join us on today’s episode and find out how one older black rescue dog changed the lives of Annie Presley’s whole family and inspired a series of children’s books celebrating the everyday adventures of a family dog. You may need a tissue or two for this one.
While recovering from her 30-year career as a political fundraiser, Annie co-authored four books in the Read This…® series of guided journals. Most recently, her first picture book for kids, Sam Gets Adopted, about the older black mixed-breed shelter dog her family rescued was published. More books in the Sam Series are being illustrated. No books are planned on fundraising!

Show Markers

2:14 - How Jasen met Annie

3:37 - Black Dog Syndrome Awareness

6:00 - How Photography influences Black Dog adoption

8:23 - What inspired the books

10:53 - What Jasen liked when reading it with his kids

11:55 - How Annie and her family write the stories

12:45 - Is it cool to put piddle puddles in the book?

16:58 - Will Sam eat Santa’s cookies and carrots?

18:25 - Which books are available?

20:27 - Sam’s photoshoot

22:25 - Rescue’s love sharing the book

23:10 - Sam brought Annie’s blended family together

24:05 - The Value of the Human Animal Bond

26:20 - Celebrating your animal at home

27:42 - The kids as grownups and Sam’s influence on them

28:18 - Sylvia reflects on her first rescue dog’s influence on her life

29:17 - The understated Hero

30:58 - How Sam showed his interest and love in the book

32:16 - What Annie’s learned writing these books

36:00 - Annie’s other books

37:22 - Was Sam Annie’s first dog?

40:46 - #dogdadjoke

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