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Sylvia and Jasen sit down with fellow podcaster Tori Mistik discussing everything from pigs feet and ostrich necks to the heart-centered dog-centric community. Tori is an influencer, educator, podcaster and founder of the award-winning dog mom lifestyle brand Wear Wag Repeat. Her mission is to help women live their best life with dogs - as pet parents and petpreneurs! Her dog mom advice has been featured in BuzzFeed, Good Morning America and The Wall Street Journal.

Show Markers

2:30 - Yummy dog treats, yucky for dog moms

6:40 - Tori talks about dog parts on her podcast too

7:50 - Tori talks about what you can find on Wear Wag Repeat blog and podcast

9:50 - Why podcasts are fulfilling for Tori and the Hosts

11:00 - How growing a business and adding dogs are similar

12:22 - Why Sylvia’s dog, Hunter, joins the podcast

12:43 - How accessibility to technology helped Tori start her business

13:45 - Discussing 5 year plans and fulfillment

16:45 - Tori’s on her new course Wear Wag Repeat Society Membership

19:20 - How did Tori go from dog mom to entrepreneur

22:34 - The Dog Vortex

24:12 - Giving people a place to celebrate loving on their furry family members

26:49 - Insta tips for the average dogmom or dogdad

31:27 - Jasen asks Tori about TicTok

35:37 - Tori talks about the dogs that inspire it all Lucy & Burt (who has special needs)

39:33 - #dogdadjoke

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