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Today’s guest is Janel Funari, Designer and owner of Maxine Avenue, an eco-friendly dog apparel designed to look good, feel great, and give back. Launched as a fun and practical solution for her Frenchie, Maxine, Maxine Avenue has grown through the needs of dogs and dog parents while helping pet rescues and shelters show adoptable pets’ best sides through their pay it forward donation program.

Show Markers

2:58 - How Dog Couture started

3:34 - Maxine didn’t have anything to wear

5:18 - Covid blew up the Dog line

6:27 - Clothes just for Frenchies or all breeds?

7:15 - Limited edition runs

8:03 - fashion show just for the dogs?

9:04 - Mini me line

11:05 - how long has Maxine been inspiring Doggie Design

11:28 - how the weather influenced the inspiration

11:52 - Easier to design for dogs or people?

12:34 - How many collections & pieces per collection?

13:25 - Why the first Collection is Janel’s favorite

14:17 - Sylvia shares how Maxine Ave illustrates the human/animal bond

15:00 - Were your friends saying “you’re crazy” when you started?

15:48 - Janel shares how she sees the world evolving for dogs as family members

17:00 - Inspiring others to adopt through sharing your love for your dog

18:00 - Dogs are family!

18:32 - Price points and standard entry pieces

20:50 - Jasen asks Janel how dogs should wear pants

23:59 - What does the future look like for Maxine Ave?

25:55 - Where do Maxine Ave clients live?

26:40 - Any materials the dogs don’t love?

28:14 - Getting into larger dogs

29:25 - More difference in body shapes in dogs

30:14 - Custom orders

31:11 - Janel’s 40lb Frenchy, Nico, inspires larger breed sizes & harnesses

32:45 - Doggy clothing sizes conundrum

36:05 - Starting as a pet parent

38:00- Why materials matter

43:24 - #dogdadjoke