The FUREVER Project

We are dog photographers whose mission is to celebrate the positive stories of rescue dog families through the art of photographic storytelling. In short, we want to connect with YOU to discover what a dog has brought to your family, photograph your story and then share it within the animal welfare community.


Yes! For every FUREVER experience there is a $100 booking fee to get started. BUT then at the end of your experience, your $100 booking fee is donated to the non-profit rescue organization of your choice.
All participants will be treated to a complete FUREVER photography session. This begins with a phone call that discovers what your rescue has brought into your family's life. You will then be invited to visit one of our award-winning photography studio for your photography session. Then about an hour after your photo session, you will receive an in studio cinematic reveal of your photographs. This will be your opportunity to select all the photos you love, and, it's also your opportunity to purchase anything you love.
100% of your fee will be gifted directly to the non-profit of your choice. If you don’t have a non-profit in mind, your donation will go into a general fund and distributed to community rescue efforts. If you want to nominate an organization, we would love hear about them so we can support them as well.
Absolutely! More often than not, people fall in love with the photography. During your discovery call, we are happy to answer any questions you might have about a display for yourself. Also, during your reveal your design artist is happy to custom design a piece for you and answer any additional questions.
No! We are simply excited to celebrate your rescue story. Don't be surprised if you fall in love with something, but you should never feel pressured or feel that there is an expectation to purchase. Please contact us immediately if you have been made to feel otherwise.

The FUREVER Coffee Table Book

Because we donate 100% of your booking deposit, we ask that people purchase the book separate from their photography experience. We donate 100% of the profits back to the rescue community.
The expected price of the standard FUREVER coffee table book is $100. The book is a hard cover 8” × 8” fine art book printed in Italy. You may contact us directly, or click this link to purchase one of the current volumes: LINK
100% of the profits from each local FUREVER Coffee Table Book will be donated directly to the local rescue communities.
Each year we complete the photography for the upcoming book on September 29th. Each local FUREVER Coffee Table Book will be sent for production and be ready for delivery by early December. If your story is included in the coffee table book, you will receive a VIP invitation for the reveal party which typically takes place in the middle of December.

Additional Info

A rescue dog is ANY dog NOT purchased from a breeder or a puppy store under typical circumstances. If you feel like your story is in the gray area, please ask! You might be surprised.
Absolutely! If you love your dog, we want to celebrate your story with you and fare grateful that you want to help us help other animals in need.
Although our experience is catered to families with dogs, we would be happy to partner you with a photographer who caters to families without dogs.
All accepted stories shared with FUREVER USA should be considered public and may have the opportunity to be shared in physical print or digitally online. Special requests can be made in some circumstances.
Things come up! No problem! We ask that you make your best effort to reschedule any portion of the FUREVER Experience at least 72 hours prior to your appointments. Your local FUREVER Photography Studios have agreed to donate one experience per client. For that reason, any appointments rescheduled with less than 72 hours may require an additional $100 booking fee to continue your experience.
We get it! Our first solution would be to reach out to us. you can do so by clicking here: LINK


We are a collection of dog photographers benefiting the animal welfare community. Our mission is to celebrate the stories of every rescue dog family in the United States.