A mission is to end the stigma of rescue animals across the United States

There are 2.4 million Rescue Heroes that won't have a chance to find their FUREVER home each year.

We donate more than 5% of our photography sales to FUREVER USA's non-profit projects, BUT we could use your help to increase the impact these projects have.

The FUREVER USA non-profit develops and manages projects with a sole mission to end the stigma of rescue animals by visually celebrating the stories of how an adopted animal has changed our lives.


Information on those projects and how you can participate in and help support those projects can be found below.

The Rescued Heroes road tour

In 2019 the FUREVER Family embarked on a journey to find the most remarkable rescue dog story in all the land.


Their 60 day journey stretched over 10,000 miles, 22 states and introduced them to countless business and communities supporting the mission of ending the stigma of rescue animals.


During the final 10 days of the project, the world was encouraged to vote on their favorite Rescued Hero Story. In those 10 days alone, the stories of 50 Rescued Heroes were read by over 40,000 people in over 100 countries and spread across all 7 continents.



In addition to the 50 Rescued Heroes, the FUREVER Family also visited shelters across the United States and produced 10 mini-documentaries celebrating the change they are bringing to their community.

The Rescued Heroes Book

Each year since 2017, FUREVER USA has published a luxury coffee table book celebrating the love that has been found through the adoption of a homeless animal. The profits from this book go back to directly support our mission of ending the stigma of rescue animals. (CLICK TO BUY A BOOK)


A quote from

Stephanie Ehlen of Sierra Veterinary Specialists


"Looking through it, I noticed how loved it looked, I imagined the many families that have had their hearts warmed and comforted by the stories and photos on the pages, looking for a distraction from the worry for their own furever babies. The countless times we've heard kids say "look this is just like our dog (name)" as they turn the pages enjoying the pictures of the happy faces of families just like theirs. The stories and pictures within it are touching families with comfort, a needed smile and a beautiful distraction. You are changing the lives of pets needing FUREVER homes in our community and beyond."

"Lobby Makeovers"

Celebrating the stories of rescued animals only truly helps if it comes full circle. That is why we work with shelters to improve their public areas by showcasing the stories and photography of the love that has been found through THEIR ORGANIZATION!


Before meeting any of the animals, we are able to set the tone for the families coming in to adopt by giving them a visual of the love these animals are so eager to give! By doing so, we are not only helping the families and animals, but we are also helping the shelter reach their goal to find loving homes for the animals in their care.

"Our lobby remodel was like getting a brand-new house! The makeover was magical and really made a big difference to customer perception, but also really lifted staff and volunteer morale. It is amazing what art, talent and passion can do to completely transform what was once a dingy dark lobby into a place of light and beauty."


~ Gina Knepp / Former Director of Front Street Animal Shelter